Often, discussions of diversity, equity, and multicultural competence leave us feeling guilty, defensive, hopeless and confused. In her warm and engaging style, Dr. Ramos Duffer leads participants through an exploration of the underpinnings of racial misunderstandings and the latest research on the formation and effects of prejudice, in order to identify strategies to dismantle unintended barriers in our organizations, businesses, colleges, and universities. Through a deepened understanding of the different lived realities of colleagues, students, clients, and customers, participants are equipped with specific strategies to dismantle oppressive sociocultural forces imbedded in systemic structures, policies and practices and work toward racial, gender and economic justice.

Participants will gain the skills necessary to work competently and effectively together in multicultural environments to collaboratively create shared visions and successes in ways that honor, reflect and embrace different ways of being and knowing, recognizing the richness, benefits and opportunities that this approach generates.




Martha Ramos Duffer has an amazing way of creating an environment to talk about race that is nonthreatening, relatable, and actionable. She surpassed our expectations and left us wanting more.
— Evelyn N. Waiwaiole, Ph.D. | Director, Center for Community College Student Engagement Program in Higher Education Leadership, College of Education, The University of Texas at Austin