Growth-Focused Psychotherapy focuses on what clients want for themselves and their lives as opposed to focusing on what they don't want.  Within this approach there is room for healing and releasing the past while directing the energy to building skills and practices in the present moment that lead to active choices aligned with the client's goals and intentions on the journey toward wholeness and a profound sense of meaning and purpose.

Dr. Ramos Duffer is a Blue Cross Blue Shield provider and can file claims for you if this is your insurance carrier. For all other insurance companies, clients are provided with an invoice with all the necessary information to file their own insurance claims for out-of-network services when requested. 

Couples Therapy

Often two individuals who began in a place of love and delight with each other find themselves lost in an abyss of resentment and disillusionment. Informed by the work of John Gottman, Stan Tatkin, Sue Johnson, and Marion Solomon. Dr. Ramos Duffer works with straight, lesbian, and gay couples to learn the research-based keys and practices of successful couples while learning to avoid responses and behaviors found to be corrosive and a common pathway to the destruction of the relationship. Equipped with these new skills and understandings, couples are empowered to create the space for passion to re-emerge and love and joy to flourish.

Individual Therapy

Dr. Ramos Duffer specializes in working with individuals from adolescence through late adulthood to identify and connect with what matters most to them so that they can thrive in aware, meaningful, and productive lives characterized by joy, abundance, love and possibility. Services offered in Spanish and English.  Issues commonly dealt with include: Life Transitions, Depression, Anxiety, Relationships, Meaning/Purpose, Spirituality, Grief and Loss, Trauma Recovery and Health Practices.