Fees vary based on the nature and scope of work requested.

Fees for coaching and psychotherapy are $150 per 50 minute hour.

Dr. Ramos Duffer is a Blue Cross Blue Shield provider and can file claims for you if this is your insurance carrier. For all other insurance companies, clients are provided with an invoice with all the necessary information to file their own insurance claims for out-of-network services when requested. 

Fees for training, presentations, facilitation and key-note speaking depend on multiple factors and range from $2,000-$10,000 per day.

Dr. Ramos Duffer is deeply committed to health and wellness for individuals and organizations.  She believes that services should be available to all regardless of economic status.  Therefore, to the extent possible she provides sliding scale fees and pro-bono services as appropriate.

If your situation requires consideration of a fee adjustment do not hesitate to ask!