Organizational Consulting

We focus our work in three primary interconnected areas that are vital to organizational success and human flourishing: Leadership Development, Wellness, and Racial & Social Equity. Within each of these areas we provide keynote speeches, workshops, single or multi-day trainings, and ongoing consultation and coaching.


Leadership Development Training and Coaching

With nearly two decades of experience, respectively, working within organizations as executive directors and members of boards of directors as well as collaboratively with organizations as coaches and consultants, we recognize that organizations are as inherently unique as the people they are composed of. We have experienced first-hand that organizations are dynamic, complex, rapid-paced, constantly-changing, multi-generational emergent systems. We believe that transformative solution-oriented and relationship-fostering leadership approaches can lead to organizational cultures in which people thrive, recognize themselves and their work as integral to the organization’s mission, and engage meaningfully to do their best work. Such organizations require leaders who embody authentic leadership and emotional intelligence, leaders who approach employee growth and development through appreciative inquiry identifying and recognizing the motivations, values, and successes of those they work with, leaders who people are inspired to follow. Utilizing contemporary research in the areas of organizational development, behavioral economics, and motivational psychology, as well as our extensive field experience, we offer trainings and consultation further informed by the leadership models proven to be most promising, as well as neuroscience and adult learning-informed models that respond to today’s organizational realities. 

Trainings offered:

  • Transformative Leadership Part 1: Developing your Leadership Capacity through Emotional Intelligence and Appreciative Inquiry

  • Transformative Leadership Part 2: Developing your Leadership Capacity through Attention (not time!) Management and Life Balance



Working in social change organizations can be a rewarding, inspiring, and invigorating experience. There is profound meaning to be found when we recognize how our work in support of a collective mission brings about positive change in our worlds, communities, and the lives of those we intend to support. We also know that social change work can be challenging and taxing on our bodies, our spirits, and our minds. Too many of us experience what is commonly known as burn-out or secondary trauma after we have dedicated all of ourselves to our work and left little time and energy to focus on our own wellbeing. Burnout not only affects ourselves, the people closest to us, and our work environment, it can also affect our ability to contribute toward a collective mission and ultimately be a part of creating change in the world. For these reasons, Wellness is a key area of focus for our work.

Our experience working with organizations to develop strategies and models has shown that wellness trainings and wellness programs can become an integral part of the effective operation of organizations, serving as a vital source of inspiration, support, and skill-building for people throughout organizations. We offer Wellness consulting in the form of trainings, individual and group coaching, and programmatic design. 

Trainings offered:

  • Thriving in our Work
  • Building Self-Awareness, Focus, and Motivation for Self-care and Success
  • Thriving through Wellness: Strategies to Transform Stress and Access your Motivation, Joy and Best Work!
  • Creating and Sustaining Healthy and Thriving Work Cultures
  • Transforming Trauma: Burn-out and Secondary Trauma Prevention


Racial and Social Equity

As organizations become increasingly aware and committed to equity and inclusion, they may also find that it is necessary to have a framework and a process to act on their awareness and commitment. Building on our combined years of professional experience, as well as academic and community-based training in social and racial justice, we are well-equipped to support people and organizations striving to become anti-racist, just, and inclusive through their policies, practices, and organizational cultures. We offer trainings such as the “Towards Us and Us: Creating Shared Worlds and Understandings on the Road to Equity, Inclusion, and Racial Justice” training, which is based on contemporary neurobiological research and offers a unique approach to anti-racist and anti-oppression efforts, while creating a foundational knowledge and shared vocabulary to engage in racial equity work as an organization. Once an organization has a foundation in racial equity we also offer trainings in multiple areas of intersectionality and social justice. We often work with organizations through long term engagements, supporting them through internal appreciative inquiry based audits and efforts toward integrating racial and social equity throughout all of their policies, procedures, practices, culture, and strategic planning.

Training offered: 

  • Towards Us and Us: Creating Shared Worlds and Understandings on the Road to Equity, Inclusion, and Racial Justice


I have enjoyed every aspect of working with Dr. Ramos Duffer. She is incredibly easy to work with – she was eager to accommodate our needs, she built a plenary session to fit our goals and our audience, and she was quick to respond to every question we had during the planning process. Her presentation on self-care was engaging, insightful, and motivating. Dr. Ramos Duffer’s calm and, at the same time, energetic approach inspired the participants, many of whom stopped by on their way out of the conference to let me know how much they enjoyed Dr. Ramos Duffer’s presentation. I was especially impressed by her ability to blend cutting edge research, participant engagement, and humor to keep everyone engaged. We are looking forward to giving Dr. Ramos Duffer an even larger audience as the keynote speaker for our statewide conference to inspire to engage in the type of self-reflection and self-care work it takes to maintain themselves in this work. I have met no one more qualified to do so.
— Tim Love, Prevention Program Director, Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA)