Organizational Consulting

 Organizations perform critical work that addresses some of the major social, economic, health and justice issues of our times.  Frequently, common factors impede the effectiveness and efficiency of the work. Quantum Possibilities partners with organizations to create individualized, creative, effective, and efficient solutions to the systemic challenges they face in doing their work. Services include Training, Facilitation and Consultation.

Consultation takes place within individual, team and group frameworks covering a wide variety of areas including multicultural competence, wellness in the workplace, program development, staff dynamics, team building, motivation, supervision, staff development, board development, and professional coaching and development among many others.

Facilitation includes strategic planning, meetings, conflict resolution, and cultural competence, wellness and motivation groups.

Wellness Consulting

 The mental, emotional and physical health of employees of both for profit businesses and non-profit organizations is a critical factor in productivity and success.  A motivated healthy workforce is well positioned to effectively enact its organizational mission.  Worksite Wellness consulting can equip organizations to develop policies and systems with a wellness lens that strengthen staff morale, increase organizational loyalty, foster motivation and create a healthy and thriving workplace in which each employee is positioned and inspired to excel.

I have enjoyed every aspect of working with Dr. Ramos Duffer. She is incredibly easy to work with – she was eager to accommodate our needs, she built a plenary session to fit our goals and our audience, and she was quick to respond to every question we had during the planning process. Her presentation on self-care was engaging, insightful, and motivating. Dr. Ramos Duffer’s calm and, at the same time, energetic approach inspired the participants, many of whom stopped by on their way out of the conference to let me know how much they enjoyed Dr. Ramos Duffer’s presentation. I was especially impressed by her ability to blend cutting edge research, participant engagement, and humor to keep everyone engaged. We are looking forward to giving Dr. Ramos Duffer an even larger audience as the keynote speaker for our statewide conference to inspire to engage in the type of self-reflection and self-care work it takes to maintain themselves in this work. I have met no one more qualified to do so.
— Tim Love, Prevention Program Director, Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA)