We tailor our services to reflect realities, composition, and needs of the organizations we work with. Several topics can be integrated with others, further subdivided to engage greater depth and skill-building. Below is a list of trainings provided:


Towards Us and Us: Creating Shared Worlds and Understandings on the Road to Equity, Inclusion, and Racial Justice

Based on contemporary neurobiological research, this training offers a unique approach to anti-racist and anti-oppression efforts by incorporating what we have learned about the ways humans make sense of the world and ourselves, what happens when we become aware of our privileges and how we—consciously and subconsciously—collude with and foment systemic oppressions, and what we need in order to trust generative processes that necessitate our vulnerability. We apply this knowledge to our approach as we work with participants toward understanding how racial power inequities play out and how systems and policies that reflect dominant cultural norms create barriers to inclusion.

In this training we work to establish a shared base of knowledge and a shared vocabulary, which are critical to both ground ourselves and to create a solid foundation to build on. Within a supportive environment, this shared knowledge and vocabulary to discuss inequity, oppression, and racism equip us to 1) explore how these concepts and societal realities are connected with our work, our mission, our organizational goals, and our own lived experiences; 2) envision an inclusive organization; 3) notice unintended barriers to this vision, which may be systemic and/or manifesting within our organizational culture; 4) be creative in identifying the necessary systemic changes to support our vision for a just and inclusive organization; and, 5) design and implement growth-promoting and sustainable strategies for moving forward.

We recognize that discussions of diversity, racial justice, oppressions, and multicultural competence often bring up difficult emotions, which, depending on our respective identities and lived experiences, can lead us to feeling guilty, defensive, fatigued, hopeless, or confused. In this training, we explore the underpinnings of racial tensions and the latest research on the formation and effects of unconscious bias and prejudice. By creating a space of shared understanding and acknowledgment of our best intentions and efforts, we are able to deepen our awareness of how interpersonal and structural racism manifest, even when our efforts and intentions are sincere.

We believe in a facilitation approach that encourages participants to be curious and inquisitive about what our trainings conjure within themselves and from others. We work toward calling each other in, rather than shutting down opportunities for growth by calling each other out. We are committed to holding each other accountable clearly and kindly as we work to disrupt systems of unearned privilege, continuously seeking exchanges that are generative and growth-promoting for participants and their organizations and communities.

Transformative Leadership Part 1: Developing your Leadership Capacity through Emotional Intelligence and Appreciative Inquiry

This workshop is based on the latest research in the field of leadership, including history of leadership and management models and which neuroscience-and-adult-learning-informed current models work best in constantly-changing, rapid-paced, multigenerational, complex organizations. Geared toward experienced leaders, those who would like to develop skills to move into leadership roles in the future, and those seeking to become more effective in their influence in their current positions, participants learn skills to consistently be part of transformative solution-oriented and relationship-fostering approaches. We integrate findings from research in the areas of Emotional Intelligence and Appreciative Inquiry and learn to successfully apply these to challenges and opportunities in our jobs and organizations.

Transformative Leadership Part 2: Developing your Leadership Capacity through Attention (not time!) Management and Life Balance

A key part of excelling in our work and being a successful positive influence in our professional roles is knowing how to strategically focus our attention on key priorities. Regardless of our current roles, all leaders—whether through formal titles or in the ways we engage our work—have more to tasks and responsibilities to carry out than could be possibly done in the hours we have available. The temptation is often to work excessive hours and exhaust ourselves. However, research is revealing that longer work hours actually lead to decreased productivity. In this workshop, participants learn skills to maximize success by identifying significant results, what areas and tasks to focus on, and how to set professional and personal boundaries to be effective stewards of their attention, time, and energy. Learning to take care of our minds and bodies at work and at home, as well as having rich personal lives and vibrant professional lives, is all essential to sustain and energize ourselves and, ultimately, vital to our success, health, and happiness. Through actionable information and strategies, participants are empowered to increase self-care practices and life balance in ways that support us in being our best selves at work and at home.

Thriving in our Work

Our work requires exposure to tragic and heartbreaking stories of human cruelty and suffering, which research and experience has proven can lead to burn out, compassion fatigue, and secondary trauma. Research has also identified practices that can contribute to transforming trauma exposure into a growth promoting and life-enriching experience. In this presentation we begin by learning to identify signs and symptoms of secondary trauma so that we can respond swiftly, effectively, and compassionately to ourselves and each other. From there, we explore evidenced-based wellness strategies to prevent and treat secondary trauma and promote well-being and joy in our lives and work. We discuss individual, systemic and environmental resilience fostering strategies that can be implemented individually and organizationally to make our work a source of healing, purpose, and inspiration. Together, we identify barriers and challenges to implementing self-care practices and learn about new research from the fields of neuroscience and behavioral economics, which reveal how human motivation, choice, and willpower work. We use the findings to conclude with equipping ourselves with proven strategies to build the skills to consistently and successfully make choices that are aligned with our intentions and goals.

Building Self-Awareness, Focus, and Motivation for Self-care and Success

We often find ourselves with the information we need to take care of ourselves in one hand and the best of intentions in the other, only to be disillusioned when we don’t actually put the information into practice. In this lively, interactive and dynamic plenary, we will build the skills we need to make daily choices in the direction of our goals and dreams. Together, we will learn key concepts from current research on motivation and behavioral economics to successfully turn our intentions into actions through experiential, practical, and playful information sharing and activities.

Thriving through Wellness: Strategies to Transform Stress and Access your Motivation, Joy and Best Work!

Through this workshop, participants learn practical and easy-to-implement strategies to prevent and transform the potentially toxic effects of stress on their success, health, relationships, and happiness. We begin with an overview of the latest research on the neurochemical and biological impact of stress on the body and offer an overview of research on working with stress to support success and thriving. We then explore the research on ways of relating to the self that lead to expanding possibilities and fully cultivating potential. Participants learn strategies to enhance motivation and reconnect to the joy in their lives, relationships and work as well as proven techniques to support peak performance in the workplace and overall wellbeing.

Creating and Sustaining Healthy and Thriving Work Cultures

Geared toward demonstrating how to improve employee morale and performance through transformative self-care and the creation of wellness-based work cultures, this workshop explores the bottom line return on investment of implementing worksite wellness practices as well as proven methods to break through common barriers. Participants learn how to make maximum use of key health and wellness information along with innovative strategies in motivation and human choice-making to successfully establish and maintain research proven wellness practices in their own lives. In addition, participants learn how to implement a broad array of resilience-fostering strategies in their own organizations from simple systemic and environmental wellness changes to comprehensive wellness programs. We show how a wellness program can become an integral part of the effective operation of organizations,.

Transforming Trauma: Burn-out and Secondary Trauma Prevention

Research is just catching up to what people in the helping professions have known experientially for a long time. Working with trauma and crisis can create a trauma response in the helper that leads to an array of trauma symptoms and eventual burn-out. In this presentation participants learn to use the latest research from interpersonal neurobiology and neuroscience to create proven self-care practices to prevent and heal secondary trauma. In addition (if applicable), participants learn how to implement a broad array of resilience-fostering strategies in their organizations.


Other training topics include:

Multicultural Competence


Healthy Relationships

Stress Management



Burn Out Prevention

Compassion Fatigue Prevention and Treatment

Secondary/Vicarious Trauma Prevention and Treatment

Time Management



Goal Setting and Success

Appreciative Inquiry



Perfect. Wow! What can I say? It was awesome. I’ve heard many wonderful comments from our guests. We all loved Dr. Martha Ramos Duffer from the moment we met her for dinner on Wednesday night. Yesterday, Dr. Ramos Duffer did a wonderful job of engaging our guests, making them laugh and overall gave everyone a wonderful experience. I loved that she made everyone feel “powerful” and equal.
— Cynthia Guerra, Foundation Director, The Foundation at Mission Regional Medical Center