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Martha Ramos Duffer, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist, motivational speaker, trainer and consultant based in Austin, Texas. 

Dr. Ramos Duffer was born in Mexico City and grew up in Puerto Rico.  After earning her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Baylor University in 1994, she taught undergraduate and graduate psychology courses as an adjunct professor at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University – CC Branch.  In addition, she practiced clinical psychology at the Texas A&M Counseling Center and through her own private practice. 

Wanting to become more directly involved in responding to social challenges, in 1999, she became the Executive Director of ALLGO in Austin, Texas, a community based people of color organization working toward social and economic justice through health, organizing, and advocacy programs. 

In January of 2004, she embarked on a new phase of her work, integrating her experience and training in the areas of psychology, activism, community organizing, education, wellness, community development, spirituality, and non-profit management and began her own businesses in professional training and non profit consulting as well as a private practice focused on personal and spiritual growth all under the umbrella of Quantum Possibilities, which is thriving to this day.

At that time she also became an adjunct professor in the Masters in Counseling Program at St. Edward’s University where she currently teaches. 

Dr. Ramos Duffer has had the opportunity of working with varied local, regional and national organizations, developing programs and providing training to their Boards of Directors and Staff in multiple areas, helping them gain the skills and create the systems necessary to carry out their missions more effectively and move toward making their visions a reality.

Dr. Ramos Duffer has become a sought after motivational speaker and trainer in the areas of secondary trauma prevention and treatment, multicultural competence, empowerment, personal growth, communication, and individual and organizational health and wellness.


Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano is a writer, editor, and consultant based in San Francisco, California.

Lorenzo was born in San José, California, raised in rural northern Mexico, and received much of his academic, literary, and community-based training in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. A first-generation college student, he received his undergraduate degree in Translation & Interpretation Studies in English and Spanish from the National Hispanic University, a Master in Liberal Arts degree from St. Edward’s University, training in professional translation at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, graduate training in Organizational Leadership and Ethics from St. Edward’s University, and is currently enrolled in San José State University’s graduate program of Chicana and Chicano Studies. In addition to nonprofit leadership, his professional experience includes organizing in queer communities of color, teaching, arts programming, public education policy, cultural criticism, and publishing.